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Ever wondered which are the best shampoos and conditioners, and products are right for your type of hair? Here you will find a range of articles on the pluses and minuses of hair products, and tips on looking after your hair and improving your style.

One of the most important considerations when caring for your hair is making sure it will fit in with your lifestyle.

Hair styles can range from easily-managable to incredibly time-consuming. Taking into account the length of your hair, as well as its thickness and type, determines the degree of care and product-use needed to get the most out of it. Essentially, by taking the time to look after your hair properly, you will ensure your hair looks naturally healthy and shiny while accenuating your style.

Hair Care Articles

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Vitamins For Hair Growth

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What is Hair?

Asian Hair
Asian Hair
Magnify Asian Hair

Each strand of hair is comprised of an inner layer, or cortex, that determines the color and texture of the hair. An outer layer, called the cuticle, protects the cortex.

These structures may sound simple, but they're formed out of many layers and coils of proteins, namely "keratin". The cuticle is not a solid sheath, but rather formed of scales that slide over each other and give hair its flexibility.

Healthy hair is made up of 88 percent protein and 12 percent water. If there is a not a proper balance between moisture and protein, the hair will become difficult to manage.

Too little protein in the equation will cause hair to stretch easily, thinning individual strand, without giving the hair enough structure to pull itself back into shape.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories
Magnify Hair Accessories

But too little moisture and the cuticle gets dried out, giving your hair a dull, dead look (even course, curly hair should have a bit of velvety sheen) and making it brittle. Protein will keep the hair strong, but if there is not enough moisture in it for elasticity it will break very easily.

In addition, the edges of the "scales" on the cuticle can be damaged if they are not able to slide properly, making the hair shaft rough so it tangles easier. Dried hairs are thin, lightweight and lack vibrant color.

What does this mean for your hair?

If you have hair that lacks shine, is frizzy or tangles way too easily you may have a moisture problem.

Split ends, hair that you just can not seem to grow past a short length, or hair that breaks from combing or everyday wear caused by rubbing against seats, clothes, etc., and may also have too little moisture. In a case like this vitamins for hair growth is vital, and should not be overlooked.

Moisture is absolutely vital for the health of your hair. Oily or greasy hair is not automatically well-moisturized. Excess oils are generally caused by scalp irritants such as hair products or environmental factors (i.e. smoke, smog); the hair may not be getting the moisture it needs.

Naturally Moisturize Your Hair

Mens Hair
Mens Hair
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There are many commercial hair products on the market geared toward helping you get the right moisture into your hair. However, you may have to try a few before you find the one that works for your hair type, and the level of moisture you need. You can also add oils to your hair.

Sebum is designed to coat each individual hair, lock moisture in, protect the hair from dirt and other damaging substances, and to allow the cuticle scales to slide smoothly.

Adding oils such as jojoba or extra virgin olive oil can help protect hairs that have the sebum regularly shampooed off of them. Many of today's hair care products (such as cheaper shampoos and conditioners) contain ingredients that actually coat the hair, and can lock moisture away from the individual strands. So, you need to know how to get rid of chemical residue. You should take care to select only quality products that will truly assist in improving the quality of your hair. The good news is, moisture imbalances are not difficult to fix once they are identified and can make all the difference in the look and texture of hair care.

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